Sunday, December 27, 2015

Genealogy Presents

How many people read Randy Seaver’s blog ( He has a Saturday night challenge where you write about a topic and either post in his comments section or on your blog, or wherever you wish really. I read this each weekend and often think, “Oh! I could write about such and such…” but never get around to doing it.

asks us about a gift for Christmas related to genealogy. I didn’t actually get a gift that would qualify. However, if you read my previous post about sorting through my Uncle Kenneth’s stuff and trying to organize it, then you know how I came to have something to mention here. They weren’t a Christmas gift, didn’t arrive under the tree and had no ribbons or bows surrounding pretty gift wrap. However, yesterday at my mother’s house I did pick up another box of his genealogy stuff that my brother had left for me.

Amongst the pictures were some books. Books that I have looked at, at various libraries over the years and reference in my genealogy research. I now can look through them by simply reaching them on a shelf in my own home!

·      Remarkable Records of Rev. Gideon Bostwick, 1770-1793 Great Barrington Massachusetts
·      History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642-1880 by Samuel Orcutt
·      The Wooster Family of Derby, Connecticut by Donald Lines Jacobus

The last one is actually an article from a journal. Either the New England Historical Genealogical Society Register or New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Record. I’ll have to look up and see which as I can’t recall, but as it’s bound into book form, it will now be handy on the bookshelf.

This present is, of course, a bitter-sweet one. I’m thrilled to have these books and other documents for myself here at home. On the other hand, my uncle who I’ve loved working with on genealogy all these years, is no longer working on it or actively doing anything related to genealogy. All together, I’d much rather have to hunt these titles down in a library when I need them and have Kenneth well enough to still be active and doing genealogy. Such is the ups and downs of the genealogical torch being passed.

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