Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Traveling New York

Here's something that you might not think of as genealogy related, but it is.
Thanks to Pullen Truck Centers for this tidbit:
How To Read Mile Markers

Those funky green mile makers that you see along the highways and byways of New York State are very useful! My Dad taught me as a child that the top number corresponded to the route number we were on and I've often looked for them when I got off on a side road and didn't know where I was. Usually the "main" road in a rural area is a state highway with that number on it.

In searching for our ancestors homes and cemeteries we often get mixed up and twisted around. Now we know when we see these signs what route we're on. Looking at the distance from the county line, if you're at all familiar with the area you're in can be real helpful too! If you know you're near the border that is east to you and there's many miles to the line- you know that you're headed west!

Let's hope you don't get lost where you don't have a gps system to help you out, or it is out of range or something else malfunctioning, but these tidbits can help you out if you do!

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