Monday, February 1, 2016

Genealogy Selfie Day

ConferenceKeeper and Geneabloggers have declared February 1st is Genealogy Selfie day on various Social Media, particularly Facebook. Since my photo already appears on Facebook, just a little outdated (maybe a year or two), I decided to publish my photo on here:

Sunday afternoon summer 1967

Wasn’t I cute? Okay, so as I’m the one in Dad’s arms it obviously wasn’t very recent. Neither is this one, but I just look so adorable I couldn’t resist!

Laundry Day Woes

I actually tried doing a couple selfies, but I hated how they came out. So, here is my recent non-selfie picture taken yesterday evening in my favorite research and writing spot, my couch:

I convinced my husband to take it of me. He usually concentrates all his photography efforts on fulfilling requests for Find A Grave. Otherwise I tend to be the photographer in the family but as we all know, I’m always forgetting to take pictures!

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