Monday, September 25, 2017

Saturday Challenge: A Question Meme

From Randy Seaver’s GeneaMusings: Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1. Who are you named after?  Nancy is probably just a random selection; I’ve never heard any real reason for it other than they liked the name. Alice. My middle name. My mother’s first name. Her mother’s first name.

2. Last time you cried?  
Sometime this past week? I cry from frustration, pain or exhaustion. With chronic illness, one or more of these things come to the surface fairly often. I cry, get some relief, move on and forget about it. Therefore, I can’t really recall when the last time was.

3. Soda or water?  
Both. I love the taste of soda and drink it for the caffeine, as I can’t stand coffee or tea. However, I try to drink water the majority of the time.

4. What's your favorite kind of pizza?  
Red sauce with tomatoes and feta cheese! I don’t find that very often. Otherwise, probably sausage and either mushrooms or onions.

5. Favorite Flower?  
I love just about any. Probably my favorite would be iris.

6. Roller Coaster?  
No way! I get dizzy and nausea from just about any kind of amusement park ride.

7. Favorite Ice cream?  
Again, just about any. Chocolate is my usual favorite, followed by black raspberry.

8. Favorite book?  
I don’t really have a favorite anymore. When I was a child, the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder were my favorites. Now, when it comes to fiction, I like historical, and romances the most. For non-fiction, I’m usually reading genealogy or writing books.

9. Shorts or jeans?  
I live in jeans. They are the most comfortable.

10. What are you listening to right now?  
The quiet of a Sunday afternoon.

11. Favorite color?  
Most shades in the green family. Although, if it’s a bright and cheerful color, I like it.

12. Tattoos?  
I figure I have enough scars without adding tattoos.

13. Favorite thing to eat?  
Good, home cooked food. With my food intolerances, it is usually preferably my own cooking.

14. Android or iPhone?  
Cheap android. I finally moved up from a dumb phone that only worked as a phone and texting.

15. Favorite holiday?  
Thanksgiving. I love all the food and the fact that I don’t need to stress about presents!

16. Night owl or mornings?  
Neither. Mid-morning to mid-afternoon is my best time.

17. Fave day of the week?  
Any day I get a break!

18. Favorite Season?  
Autumn if only it didn’t lead to all the snow and cold.

19. Favorite Sport?  
I am uncoordinated and not athletic. Gym class taught me to hate all sports equally.

20. Mountains, Beach, Forest or snow?  
Forest. It is so peaceful, especially if you can set up a campsite, sit back and relax!

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