Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Saturday Challenge: Unbroken Chain of Gravestones

1)    Determine what is your longest unbroken line of ancestral gravestones - how many generations can you go back in time?  Do you have photographs of them?

The longest I have would be five generations on two of my father’s lines.

Gordon (1919-1998) & Alice (1924-2016) Ward in Evergreen (Scipioville Cemetery) in Scipioville, New York.

His parents’ graves, William (1887-1962) and Frances (Ingalls) (1889-1962) Ward are across the driveway from him in Scipioville.

His mother’s parents Charles (1864-1939) Ingalls and Achsah (Brown) (1864-1899) Ingalls.  Charles is buried in Fleming Rural Cemetery in Fleming, New York and his wife; Achsah is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Antwerp, New York.

Beside Achsah, are her parents: John Robert (1835-1917) and Anna (Wright) (1836-1923) Brown.

Over in the Quaker Cemetery in Philadelphia, New York is John Robert’s parents: Quartis (1795-1878) and Julia (Gibbs) (abt. 1798-1855) Brown. [These I do not yet have pictures of].

While in Redwood Cemetery over in Alexandria, New York are those of Julia’s parents: Samuel (1802-1885) and Margaret (Ford) (1808-1894) Wright. [These I do not yet have pictures of].

These graves span five generations, but only two counties. Despite the families moving to better places, immigrating sometimes great distances, these lines are all buried relatively near each other.

Originally thinking about this, though, I immediately thought about not a link of gravestones across time and place, but rather an unbroken line of four generations in one cemetery.  Those first two burials are both in Evergreen or Scipioville Cemetery.

If we follow the other line from my grandparents, you will find William’s parents: John (1854-1932) and Maria (Titus) (1858-1927) Ward along the same driveway and across the cemetery are those graves of his parents: William (1830-1902) and Mary Ann (Blackwell) (1828-1902) Ward.

This gives not quite as long a line of gravestones, but they are all in the same cemetery with many aunts, uncles and cousins scattered about in between.

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