Friday, January 6, 2017

Find My Past has many new records for their free Friday announcement this week. Were your Irish ancestors criminals? I don't think mine were, but I bet I can find at least a cousin or two if not some direct ancestors in the records. We all know that even the most law abiding citizens are going to run afoul of the law at some point and I'm sure that while my ancestors weren't criminals, they weren't the most upstanding citizens either. Like most, they would have fallen somewhere in the middle.

One of their teasers of upcoming records has me interested as well. There's a mention of the Midlands of England. I admit, my knowledge of geography in Europe isn't the greatest, and I wasn't sure where the Midlands are. However, I had a feeling that Northamptonshire might be a part of it, and a quick look-up told me I am correct. Buckinghamshire, the other county where the Ward family originated isn't, but one of the two counties means that when those records are available, I might be able to fill in some more information about that family before they immigrated to America.

Here's a copy of their announcement, which the original can be found here

New Irish Court Records, Quaker Congregations, and English Burials View online
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FMP Fridays brand new records
flag Ireland, Petty Sessions Court Registers
OVER 227,700 RECORDS   Find out if your Irish relatives had brushes with the law thanks to these new additions that reveal whether your ancestors were witnesses, complainants or defendants, their addresses, dates in court, details of verdicts and sentences.
Town cryer
Additional records

flag Dorset Memorial Inscriptions
  New records: 40,235
Total records: 85,868
Covering: Inscriptions taken from gravestones, tombs, monuments and even stained glass windows from around the county
Discover: Birth year, death year, burial date, burial place, names of relatives, memorial type and inscription
flag Warwickshire Burials
  New records: 21,263
Total records: 1,129,563
Covering: Witton Cemetery (Birmingham) 1987-2011
Discover: Birth year, death year, burial place, parents’ names, residence, inscription, grave and register number, and additional notes
flag Northumberland & Durham Monumental Inscriptions
  New records: 16,811
Total records: 23,021
Covering: 26 churches & burial grounds in Northumberland & Co. Durham
Discover: Birth date, burial year, burial place, death date, denomination and inscription, and stone type
flag Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records
  New records: 5,737
Total records: 1,208,254
Covering: Quaker meetings held throughout Ireland from 1600 onwards
Discover: Details about the meetings your ancestor attended and the religious activities they engaged in
Facts and finds
Covering both civil and criminal cases, the Petty Sessions' brief was wide. Cases ranged from merchants who had not paid duty on their goods, to workers suing for unpaid wages. Farmers were fined for letting their cattle wander or for allowing their cart to be driven without their name painted on the side. Debts were collected and disputes settled. Public drunkenness was a common offence, as was assault and general rowdiness. Political feelings were often volatile and there are frequent cases all over the country of people charged with putting up seditious posters or leaflets.

Coming soon
Did your ancestors hail from the Midlands region of England? A new collection of Parish records is soon to be released that will help you expand your UK family tree. Keep an eye out for further updates in the coming weeks!
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Findmypast is home to wide variety of Quaker records covering both England & Ireland that date all the way back to the faith’s emergence.
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