Monday, January 9, 2017

Saturday Challenge- New Year's Goals

Randy Seaver’sGeneaMusings gave us the following:
Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1) What goals do you have for your genealogy research, education and writing during 2017?  

First, before I start looking at goals for 2017, let’s see how I did last year. This is from the blog about a year ago:

Continue organizing my stuff. Kenneth helped me identify some pictures today that I hadn’t been sure of.
Get copies of stuff digitized and organized to send out to the cousins
Get at least one line solidified enough to write a booklet about them so that I can publish it and get it in various repositories
Return to IGHR again this year and take the Law Libraries and Government Documents course
Attend Syracuse’s New York State Family History Conference
Attend Professional Management Conference at Fort Wayne, Indiana”

Okay then. How did I do?
Continue organizing my stuff- it’s a lot better then it was a year ago, but still needs some work. I think I’ll call it accomplished with the caveat that more needs to be done.
Stuff digitized. That’s also very much an ongoing project. Although I got a lot done, there’s a lot more to go. It didn’t help either of these goals that I got a lot of craft stuff from Mom. Patterns scattered all over the place and yes, in amongst them, there is family stuff. Pictures and newspaper clippings and such that are of a genealogical nature are interwoven amongst the patterns. It is all slowly coming together.
A booklet written. I didn’t accomplish much of anything on this one. I am basically where I was a year ago.
IGHR. Accomplished.
NYS Family History Conference. Accomplished.
Professional Management Conference. Accomplished.

So, three out of six goals accomplished and two others work in progress. I don’t think that was too bad an accomplishment for 2016. I will continue with the first 3 goals again this year. Additionally, I want to get to the New England Regional Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts and do more research in local repositories across the state.
The registration and reservations are in for Springfield and there’s a pile beside the scanner ready to go, so I guess I’m not off to a bad start for 2017 either!

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