Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday- Great Grandparents

After doing the Saturday Challenge that I posted yesterday, I got to wondering how many tombstones I have collected of various generations. I looked through my collection for my great grandparents. There would be eight people that fit that criteria. As one of my great grandmothers died young and her husband remarried, I actually have nine that I might possibly have tombstones for. In my collection I found seven of the nine.
John S Ward my paternal great grandfather

Maria C Titus Ward my paternal great grandmother

Alice M & Charles J Ingalls my paternal great grandfather and his second wife

Achsah Brown Ingalls my paternal great grandmother

Verner R and Edith M Duff Wooster my maternal great grandparents
All that is left to complete this is William Jennings and Sarah Damery Jennings, my other maternal great grandparents. If anyone is reading this and is in southwest Cork, Ireland, I have a favor to ask! They are located in White Church Cemetery near Skibbereen....
Okay, well, I thought I could always ask. Maybe someday...

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