Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July

I didn't get any pictures from yesterday's Fourth of July and the Town of Owasco's parade- part of their 90th year of Independence day celebrations. So instead, I'm posting a look back at another parade from forty years ago. Can you believe it was that long ago that we celebrated the bicentennial of this country? For many of us it was when we began to get interested in genealogy and our family origins.
 Here are some pictures from Auburn, NY on July 4, 1976. All were taken by a certain child who was just getting interested in genealogy:

antique car
another old car


Ukranian Church I believe

Owasco Dutch Reformed Church

Happy Birthday America

Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria?

Moravia Band- my future high school

"Native Americans"

My brother's truck
Well, that last one was in the parade yesterday, but you might not recognize it as the same truck. E & V Energy now owns it and has it painted, of course, in their company colors and logo.

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