Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday Challenge- Most Census Records

Here is the latst assignment from Randy Seaver and Genea-Musings, if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

1)  Do you know which of your ancestors appears the most times in the Census records?  How many years?  Are there duplicate entries?  

My great-great-grandmother, Lodema (Tobias) Titus lived longer than possibly any of my ancestors. Her lifetime of 94 years spanned from 1831 to 1926.

Here are the census years she might conceivably have been in:

1835- New York State census.
1840- Federal census
1845- New York State census.

All three of the above census records have similar results. Although I have not found the family yet, they should be in the town of Springport, Cayuga County, New York or fairly close by. Although head of household only, she would have been counted within the household of her father, John Tobias.

1850 Springport, Cayuga Co, NY, p. 219A, dwelling 714, family 720 (Erastus Meyers) Lodema is a servant in the household of Erastus.
1855 Springport, Cayuga Co, NY ED “Corporation” p. [not listed], dwelling 146, family 146, frame house, value $600 (Samuel Titus) Lodemia, age 23, born Cayuga. The head of household is now her husband, Samuel.
1860 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY p. 34 dwelling, 242, family 242 (Sherwood PO) [Seabin/ Leabin as first name]- her name was somewhat unusual and often misspelled in records.
1865- Have not found Samuel and Lodema in this state census yet.
1870 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY p. 24, dwelling 228, family 227 (Union Springs PO) [Ladeny Tytus]. I’ve rarely seen Titus spelled this way- a definite misspelling and not a variation the family used.
1875 Town of Ledyard is missing from the microfilm roll. She would have been living here during the census, about a year after her husband’s death.
1880 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY ED 24, p. 8, dwelling 60, family 61 (Lodema Titus)
1890 Destroyed by fire.
1892 New York State census. Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY, p. 1, Lodemia Titus, female, age 65, born United States, citizen.
1900 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY, ED 31, p. 6B, dwelling, 103, family 105 (Daniel Titus). Daniel is her second child and oldest son.
1905 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY, ED 1, p. 21 original, line 20 (Daniel Titus) Lodema, mother, age 72, born US, housework
1910 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY, ED 44, p. 5A, dwelling 114, family 117 (Ludima Titus- head)
1915 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY ED 1, p. 20 line 21 (Daniel Titus)
1920 Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY ED 34, p. 5A, dwelling 110, family 112, (Daniel Titus) Lake road
1925 Aurelius, Cayuga Co, NY, ED 2, p. 9, line 10 (Lodema Titus), age 90, born US, housework, Genesee Rd.

So, out of 18 possible census records that she should be in, I have found her in 12 of them. Thanks to her long life-span and the many state census records as well as federal ones during this time period, Lodema would have appeared in the most census records of any of my ancestors.

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