Friday, July 22, 2016

Find My Past Friday

In case you didn't realize, Find My Past lists their new databases every Friday and allows free access to certain databases over the weekend as a promotion of what they have. Here is today's announcement:

What has me particularly interested this weekend is the announcement of July updates to PERSI. That's the Periodical Source Index for those that aren't familiar with the acronym. It's a catalog of sorts for articles across many journals in the genealogical world. Originally kept by the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana and available on HeritageQuest, Find My Past now takes on part of the job and has the most recent ones available on their website. There were 18,257 articles from 94 publications added during the July report alone! Some are available digitally on the site while others you need to go to a library to look at. Guess what library has all these periodicals available! Of course, Allen County.

Here is why I'm excited to be able to look into all the updates in the catalog.  If you're also headed to the Professional Management Conference in September, you already know that it is being held at the library in Fort Wayne. I need to dive into PERSI and see which articles I'm going to be rushing to get in between sessions.

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