Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mystery at St Agnes

Have you ever wandered across something and wondered what it was or what was happening? My husband did just that last week while looking for stones that had been requested for photos for Find A Grave. In St Agnes Cemetery on the south side of Syracuse is a mausoleum that makes us wonder what happened.

It is a beautiful Victorian mausoleum built by the Dissel family. The stonework and carving are not only decorative, but built to last for many lifetimes. It is in very good repair, except for one thing. The normal heavy metal door or stoned over entrance is missing! It is wide-open and anyone can step inside. Let's step inside shall we?

This is where the mystery becomes evident.

What happened? Was nobody ever buried here? Are there doors that should be added to the empty shelves? Were there people here once and now they're gone? Were they re-interred elsewhere or did grave robbers come and take them? This we do not know.

I did a quick search of newspaper articles on and through Google, but have not come up with anything yet. Rich emailed St Agnes Cemetery to ask about this mystery, but they have not answered yet. Meanwhile we wonder. I will keep researching as I have time, to try and find the answer as there must be more of this story. In the meantime, does anybody else know what happened? Have you heard any stories about this? Let us know! We would be interested to hear more.

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