Monday, August 22, 2016


Rootsweb has been having a lot of problems lately. If you're subscribe to very many of their mailing lists, you've definitely noticed this. For the last about two weeks many of the lists have been inundated with spam emails selling all kinds of products that we, as genealogists, are just not interested in. At times I was deleting 30 or more emails at a time that were complete spam. It has quieted down in the last few days as they've gotten their filters fixed again.

The Ancestry Insider on his blog today gives an update on many different aspects of Rootsweb:

There is a lot of good stuff on the Rootsweb websites. However, this is an older website that hasn't always been kept up to date with technology and hardware. In some places it is behind with the behind the scenes aspects of making it work. This is a good summary of what is happening, what is working, and what they (being Ancestry that now owns it) are working on getting repaired so that with any luck it can work well again.

If you don't already subscribe to emails from the Ancestry Insider, it is also a good idea to do so! He keeps people up to date on what is going on especially with Ancestry and Family Search.

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