Monday, August 29, 2016

Places Visited

One of the latest things going around on Facebook has been about putting symbols beside where you have visited or lived. My symbols look a bit different, as I had to find ones on the keyboard as the Facebook ones wouldn’t copy over.
I loved these bears at a rest stop in Maine
How do you count if you’ve visited a state? I agree that sitting in an airport shouldn’t count. However, I’ve counted states where I mostly sat in the car. Some states, such as Maryland, and West Virginia, I have done little more than looked out the window as we went down the highway. We might have stopped to eat somewhere along the way, but they were mostly pushing through to get to someplace else. I have counted them as I’ve always tried to make the best of those travels and see what the landscape looked like beyond the interstate and watch to see what attractions might be around. I’ve gathered the brochures at the rest areas (remember when there were all kinds of brochures to gather?) and read through them as we went by.

Catoctin State Park that we passed in Maryland meant looking to see if I could see signs for Camp David or maybe even a presidential helicopter going over! In Kentucky this year, I realized that the hotel we made an overnight in was only a few miles from Fort Knox and we saw the Corvette Museum just off the highway as we went through Bowling Green. Tennessee meant seeing as much of Nashville as we could from I-65 as we drove through-- one trip getting some good views as traffic jams meant we took an hour to inch through there. So, even though some of the states are drive-through ones, I feel as though I did catch a glimpse of some of their features.

Other states I’ve been privileged to stay longer and see more things in. Some, like Alabama, have been for institutes or conferences. Others, such as Florida, I was able to spend about 3 weeks traveling around and exploring with my parents when I was a child. In fact, we did that 3 different times while I was growing up and for a couple weeks again while I was in college. The states in the northeast, of course, have been multiple trips. Virginia and Washington, DC, I got to visit several times as my oldest brother lived in Fairfax county with his family for many years.
In Washington with my niece, Heather
Albany, Of course from the state library window!
Put a by the states you have visited. Sitting in an airport doesn't count. The average is 8. How do you match up? Put a where you have lived.

* Alabama

* Alaska
* Arizona
* Arkansas
* California
* Colorado
* Connecticut

* Delaware
* District of Columbia

* Florida

* Georgia

* Hawaii
* Idaho
* Illinois

* Indiana

* Iowa
* Kansas
* Kentucky

* Louisiana
* Maine

* Maryland

* Massachusetts

* Michigan

* Minnesota
* Mississippi
* Missouri

* Montana
* Nebraska
* Nevada
* New Hampshire

* New Jersey

* New Mexico
* New York

* North Carolina

* North Dakota
* Ohio

* Oklahoma
* Oregon
* Pennsylvania

* Rhode Island

* South Carolina

* South Dakota
* Tennessee

* Texas
* Utah

* Vermont

* Virginia

* Washington
* West Virginia

* Wisconsin
* Wyoming


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