Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Upcoming Conferences

September is shaping up to be a very busy month for Remling Genealogy. There are two conferences coming up in September.  

The first is the New York State Family History Conference, which will take place September 15-17 in Liverpool. This is a 3-day conference concentrating on New York State and New York City research. The New York State Historians will be having their conference at the same place and time. Registrants for both conferences can attend sessions of the other one if they wish as well.

Registration is still open: http://www.nysfhc.org/registration.html

Allen County Public Library

The second conference is the Professional Management Conference (PMC), which will take place at the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana on September 22-24. This conference is geared towards those that work in genealogy as a career. Mainly for those that work independently, there are also many sessions that are helpful to those that work in larger companies as well. This conference has the added advantage that it is taking place at one of the largest genealogical libraries in the United States.

Registration is open for the 2016 PMC, September 22 through 24, at https://www.apgen.org/conferences/index.html.

My husband and I have added to these conferences some research days as well. We’ll be leaving right after the New York State conference and spending some days exploring the northeastern part of Indiana and getting some extra time in at the Allen County Library. This is a return trip for us as we did some research in these areas three years ago.

Dennis K and Sarah Wooster gravestone

I am hoping to find out some more about Dennis Kennedy Wooster, the son of Jerusha Wooster that I mentioned yesterday. He left Central New York in 1869 and spent the rest of his life mostly in either Steuben County, Indiana or Branch County, Michigan. These counties sit either side of the state line and Steuben is the very northeast corner of Indiana. Dennis and much of his family are buried in the Jamestown Cemetery in Steuben County. Just out of site of the cemetery to the north is Interstate 80 and 90 cutting east-west across the country in Indiana, but with views of Michigan to the north. Considering that it is that close, you can certainly understand why some of the children were married across the state line, even though they barely left home to do so.

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