Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool’s Day

Did you pull pranks on April Fool’s Day when you were a kid? Do you still do so?

I was never very fond of pulling pranks and instead rather dreaded going to school on that day. I tended to be an easy mark for jokes as I was a little bit slower than others to catch on to what was going on. It might have been only a few seconds longer, but by then I had fallen into the trap my peers had set for me. It always felt embarrassing to realize that I had been duped by whatever trick had been played.

That is probably why I wasn’t fond of pulling pranks myself. I was very good at imagining what the other person must feel if they had been tricked. Salt in the sugar bowl? I could imagine tasting something I expected to be sweet and instead tasted extremely salty. Besides, that trick wasted the food that it was put on. I could picture my mother scolding me for wasting food and forcing her to make a new dish of whatever it was. Imagining the results took so much fun out of it that I didn’t even want to participate.

I did play a few jokes on that day, but they were simpler and more innocent ones. A favorite that I remember playing every year was one that I did to my father. He would enter the kitchen for breakfast and I, sitting at the table would say: “Look Daddy! There’s several deer in the backyard!” He would always eagerly look and try to find where the deer were. Although deer did come near the house and even out of the fields into our yard to graze early in the morning at times, I’m sure he was well aware of what day it was. This was more a tradition than a prank.  

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