Thursday, April 7, 2016

Goodbye Clarissa

On Tuesday the Central New York Genealogical Society among other societies lost a valued member and a good friend. Clarissa Stalknecht will be greatly missed by all who have ever met her.

I have been struggling to figure out just what to write about her. There is so much that can be said about Clarissa. I saw her last as we were leaving last month's meeting. She was talking with others about helping to provide the luncheon for this month's all-day meeting. It was going to be difficult as besides some health issues she was dealing with, it is tax deadline. As a tax preparer, that is, of course, a mega crunch time, but she was working to make sure that a good luncheon will be available at the meeting. For the last ten years, every CNYGS meeting has had a luncheon at the all day meetings and snacks at every meeting, mostly done by Clarissa as Hospitality chair.

Probably every member has a story about a time when she has helped them out. Never seeking the spot-light, she just went on and got everything done. I have heard that there will be a memorial service for her on April 24th from noon to four at the Brewerton Fire Station.

CNYGS Board member and Chair of the New York Family History Conference, Nancy Maliwesky posted a tribute to Clarissa on the CNYGS blog which is far better than anything I could ever write.

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Janet Brown said...

Rest in peace Clarissa. Your energy and zest for life never ceased to amaze me. You were like the energizer bunny and just kept going and going and going. Your thoughtful and generous contributions were not in vain and will be remembered for years to come by the genealogy community