Sunday, April 17, 2016

Languages- Eastern Europe

I just came across a great chart thanks to John Michael Neill and his Tip of the Day website.
Just a teaser from yesterday's CNYGS meeting

People will sometimes ask me about words related to genealogy in different languages. The ones that are particularly hard are those of the eastern European countries. Often there are no speakers of these languages around to help with translations unless you are lucky enough to live near a large university that has foreign language professors and students from these areas. Even then, they are busy and may not have time to help you with a "quick look at this record" type of request.

Well Christina George has helped us out with a chart of commonly needed terms in looking at records for genealogical purposes in eight different languages that are common across Eastern Europe! What is even better, she is giving the chart as a free download! These are languages that I rarely, okay never in the areas I research, come across with the exception that if I need to look at Catholic Church records they are often written in Latin. However, I downloaded the chart to keep handy for those times or when somebody is looking for help with these languages.

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