Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Meeting- Lisa Alzo

The meeting begins
Yesterday was the all day April meeting for the Central New York Genealogical Society (CNYGS). On a beautiful, sunny and warm spring day--practically the first one we’ve had in Central New York; there was an estimated 89 people in attendance.

The low point of the day was, of course, missing our Hospitality person, Clarissa Stalknecht. I don’t think Clarissa missed a meeting in the last ten years as she has put out refreshments and luncheons for the all day meetings. President, Chris Wilcox, did a beautiful tribute to her at the beginning of the meeting. The luncheon went on as she had originally planned before her sudden death, but it took a rumored 18 people to do what she usually accomplished alone! That fact alone shows her dedication and work that she did for the organization.

Almost time for lunch break
The high point of the day was our speaker Lisa Alzo. She did four separate presentations. First addressing the Packrat in all genealogists and ways to cope with all the stuff that we tend to accumulate. Then both before and after the lunch break she discussed different methods to help us get our family stories written and out there for others to be able to read. Lastly, she did a brief over-view of many different applications that can help us to get organized, find the time, and to actually write. I have heard Lisa present many times at different conferences and through online webinars. Yesterday I came away with even more tips and ideas as well as inspiration.

Lisa and I

Networking during a break

Getting ready for the afternoon session

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